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Take advantage of the NGO New Education tools to obtain modern educational equipment for your institution.


You are welcomed by a charitable non-profit and non-governmental organization!

It is becoming more and more difficult for educational institutions to meet the demands of the times and provide the latest knowledge for future professions. Due to the limited financial resources, educational institutions turn to us.

Therefore, charity has become the only solution that makes it possible to train modern specialists and increase the human resources potential of your region.

By sponsoring our programs, you make a very important social assistance to our country and provide yourself with competent specialists who can do more.

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This is not just a fundraising to buy modern teaching aids

On a volunteer basis, the participants of the NGO Innovative Education create an ecosystem to help students and educational institutions.


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Sokolov Oleksandr Yegorovych

Leader (President)

We help children to master the professions of the future: everyone has the right to get a decent modern education.

With your help we can start socially important programs

Get the most out of your company by helping students learn the professions of the future.