Invest in the development of your company or enterprise in the next 2 years by training new employees in robotics and programming

WORLDSKILLS sponsors in Ukraine: E.NEXT Ukraine, DTEK, Federation of Metallurgists of Ukraine, etc.

Original high-quality training equipment for classrooms

we find the best price offers

Helping educational institutions find sponsors

we know what tools are needed for training

Modern technologies and innovative approaches are now available to you

ready-made training programs

Three stages of education quality assurance for the best results

from the basics to winning competitions

Practical classes according to the direction of your business

taking into account the needs of the company


"We are the only non-governmental organization that sets the goal of economic growth of the country by providing progressive enterprises of Ukraine with qualified personnel who will be able to make you a leader in the industry through innovation."


NGO Innovative Education is:

  • opportunity for educational institutions to receive original kits for training and practice
  • savings for enterprises and companies on such investments, because we always find the best delivery terms from manufacturers of modern educational equipment
  • consultation on the organization of your own team or the team of the sponsored educational institution
  • seasonal training, methodological support and accompaniment of teams for official competitions
  • fast delivery of educational kits and expansion sets across Ukraine from our partners
  • thematic workshops and events for program participants
  • ready-made training course to become a team mentor

Ukraine has a large number of smart, promising children with limited financial resources, and this does not allow them to develop and show their potential in career guidance.

Let’s together help the young generation to become in-demand, high-class professionals who will increase the production potential of our country!

Become a sponsor

Help educational institutions get modern teaching equipment today!

The best price for the first educational set for team training


    We bring people together for new opportunities

    At a time when people moved from horses to cars, wired phones were replaced by mobile phones, the school, like nothing else, needs modernization.

    Students can only be taught new professional skills using modern teaching aids.

    Everyone wants to be a necessary and in-demand specialist in the modern labor market. Robots will free many people from primitive and simple work but will also give new opportunities to many others.


    Ways to be helpful

    Help schools

    We know which educational institutions need modern equipment for teaching and we are able to agree on its delivery on the best terms.


    Create and develop your own team

    We will organize all the processes if you decide to develop your own team for the competition (the team of students of the sponsored educational institution).


    Our goal

    To give new educational opportunities to students who want to master modern professions in demand, and bring them to a new level. To help find mentors, appropriate sponsorship and all possible training opportunities.

    Our mission

    To help to become a team mentor – both financially and technically. To help to become a sponsor of our team or the team created on the basis of your sponsored organization (a school or any other).

    See the difference for yourself

    Blackboard, chalk, boring scribbling in a notebook...

    Real practice and gaining skills!

    High-quality educational kits for robotics, programming and automation have a reasonable cost, and cooperation with professionals who love their job is priceless!


    The world is changing. Only with your help can we change the education.

    We know what modern teaching equipment is in need of educational institutions and we are able to agree on its delivery on the best terms. But first of all, we need your sponsorship to provide students with the latest learning tools and the opportunity to obtain the required competencies and master the professions of the future.


    This is not just a fundraising to buy modern teaching aids

    On a volunteer basis, the participants of the NGO Innovative Education create an ecosystem to help students and educational institutions.


    He has 5 years of experience in equipping classrooms for robotics and design, personally participates in each project to achieve the best results, selects truly interested people to work as volunteers

    "We help children master the profession of their dreams: everyone has the right to get a decent modern education and our volunteers do all that is necessary for this."


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    Sow the good seed and give hope to students who want to master the profession of the future, with your help there will be trained professionals with new opportunities – your manpower potential for the future!

    What have companies and enterprises that are already investing in manpower:

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    The best price for the first educational set for team training